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John Deere Two-Cylinder Collectibles 

John Deere Two-Cylinder Collectibles


John Deere. To legions of enthusiasts, these two simple words unleash a passion for green and yellow: tractors, tools, furniture, clothing, or virtually any other object that promotes, commemorates, or is reminiscent of John Deere.To assemble a collection of John Deere two-cylinder memorabilia, the enthusiast needs to know: "When was it made?", "How many variations?", and "What is it worth?" John Deere Two-Cylinder Collectibles is the answer to these questions and more. From advertising brochures and tractor wrenches to employee awards and scale models, John Deere Two-Cylinder Collectibles unveils the diversity, value, and variations of collectibles from John Deere's most exciting period—the two-cylinder years beginning with the Froelich tractors of the 1890s through the Hundred Series machines of the 1950s.If you talk John Deere, think John Deere, or simply bleed green, the 200-plus photos, extensive listings, and current price guide make John Deere Two-Cylinder Collectibles the perfect reference for collecting memories of John Deere's glory years!Table of ContentsAcknowledgments / Introduction / Pricing GuideSALES, ADVERTISING, and PRINTED MATERIAL Operator's Manuals / Service Manuals / Parts Catalogs / Special Parts Catalogs and Orders for Repairs / Service and Sales Bulletins / Sales Brochures and Catalogs / Retail Price Lists / Posters and Displays / Photos, Postcards, and Ads / Operation, Care, and Repair Manuals / Pocket Ledgers and Farm Account Books / Letterhead, Contracts, and Invoices / Calendars, Thermometers, and Magazines / Binders and Miscellaneous ItemsEQUIPMENT ACCESSORIES and SERVICE ITEMS Wrenches and Tools / Boxes, Sacks, Cans and Containers / Tire PumpsTRACTOR and IMPLEMENT PARTS Seats and Castings / NOS Parts / Carburetors, Magnetos, and Gauges / Steel and Round-Spoke Wheels / Company and Dealership Employee Accessories / Signs, Flags, and Pennants / Watches, Clocks, and Fobs / ToysPREMIUMS and GIFTS Matchbooks, Ashtrays, and Lighters / Jewelry, Pins, and Knives / Cups, Napkins, Salt & Pepper Shakers, and John Deere Day Items / Pens and Pencils / MiscellaneousAppendix / Index

You can purchase this at The Motor Bookstore for $10.46.


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