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How To Restore Classic John Deere Tractors: Rebuilding & Restoring John Deere 2-Cyl. Tractors 

How To Restore Classic John Deere Tractors: Rebuilding & Restoring John Deere 2-Cyl. Tractors


Finally! A restoration guide with the kind of detail needed for a first-class job. How To Restore John Deere Tractors is packed with hundreds of helpfull full-color photographs, proven tips and techniques, and money-saving advice from restorers who know what works...and what doesn't.This guide will walk you step-by-step through the complete restoration of your tractor from disassembly to engine rebuild, from electrical repairs to painting and final detailing. There's even a handy section on parts sources.With Gaines's guidance you're well on your way to showing off your shiny "new" classic tractor!Table of Contents:Introduction: Before You Begin Know your Deere / Always put safety first.Chapter 1. Two-Cylinder History The beginning of a legacy / The Poppin' Johnny sound / Thirty years of D models / More models followed / Deere designs a winner / New York styling comes to the Midwest / A Deere of a different kind / Numbers replaced letters.Chapter 2. Shopping for a Tractor Search the records / How to tell them apart / Buying the right tractor / Negociating a price.Chapter 3. Setting Up Shop Basic Tools / Specialized Tools / Purchase a Good Shop Manual.Chapter 4. Getting Started Take Your Time / Establish Your Goals / Clean it Up / Disassembly / Finding Replacement Parts / Removing Broken or Damaged Bolts / Shaft Repair.Chapter 5. Troubleshooting Evaluating a Tractor That Runs / Simple Fixes / Compression Testing.Chapter 6. Engine Repair and Rebuilding Freeing a Stuck Engine / Ring Job or Complete Overhaul? / Engine Block Preparation / Cylinder Head and Piston Removal / Piston Ring Replacement / Main and Connecting Rod Bearings / Camshaft Overhaul / Valvetrain Overhaul / Pistons and Bores / Rebuilding the Engine / Oil Pump Restoration / Pony Engines.Chapter 7. Clutch, Transmission, and PTO Transmission Inspection and Repair / Clutch Inspection and Rebuilding / Power Takeoff Repair.Chapter 8. Final Drive and Brakes Differentials and Final Drives / Differential and Final Drive Inspection and Repair / Axle Shafts / Brake Restoration / Brake Adjustment.Chapter 9. Front Axle and Steering Steering Through Deere History / Steering Configurations / Front Axle Repair / Power Steering / Steering Wheel Repair.Chapter 10. Tires, Rims, and Wheels Rear Wheel Removal / Tire Repair and Restoration / Wheel and Rim Restoration.Chapter 11. Hydraulic System Basic Principles / Contamination / Troubleshooting / Hydraulic Seals.Chapter 12. Electrical System Magneto Systems / Magneto Inspection and Service / Timing the Magneto / Distributor Inspection and Repair / Coils / Generators and Voltage Regulators / Starters / Wiring / Spark Plug Wires / Lights / Gauges.Chapter 13. Fuel System Fuel Tank / Fuel Hose Inspection / Carburetor Repair / Carburetor Rebuilding / Carburetor Reassembly / Diesel Systems / Oil-Bath Air Filters / Manifold Inspection and Repair / Governor Overhaul.Chapter 14. Cooling System Cooling System Inspection and Repair / Shutters and Curtains / Radiator Cap / Fan / Hoses / Water Pump / Thermostat / Belts.Chapter 15. Sheet Metal Paint Removal / Repairing Sheet Metal.Chapter 16. Paint The Primer Coat / Choosing the Right Primer Type / The Color Coat / Selecting the Right Paint Type / Painting Equipment / Applying the Paint / Finishing the Axles.Chapter 17. Decals, Name Plates, and Serial Number Plates Researching Decal Originality and Placement / Tools and Supplies / Surface Preparation / Decal Application / Emblems and Name Plates / Serial Number Plates.Chapter 18. The Fruits of Your Labor Antique Tractor Shows / Farm Equipment Demostrations / Tractor Games / Antique Tractor Pulls.Appendix. Sources for Parts, Rebuilding, and Repairs Restoration Equipment and Supplies / Publications and Clubs.

You can purchase this at The Motor Bookstore for $22.44.


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