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How to Rebuild and Restore Farm Tractor Engines 

How to Rebuild and Restore Farm Tractor Engines


From removing your engine to painting and installation, this guide describes how to determine what needs to be rebuilt or replaced, how to rebuild or replace it, and offers recommendations on whether the task should be done by you or by a professional. Yost focuses on the most popular gas-burning 2, 4 and 6-cylinder engines, and includes coverage of diesels, plus a sidebar on LPG-powered tractors. Introduction contains tips on setting-up shop, and suggested tools and equipment. Appendix lists parts suppliers, reference materials, and restoration shops.Table of Contents:Acknowledgements / IntroductionCHAPTER ONE: GETTING STARTED Setting goals / Outline of a typical rebuild / Rebuilding: what does it mean? / Safety / Organization / Finding parts / Skills / Subcontracting work / Necessary tools / Cribbing and shuttling equipment / Shop space.CHAPTER TWO: ENGINE REMOVAL Shop organization / How much of a rebuild is needed? / Exterior engine components and accessories / Radiator / Engine access / Pulling the engine / Engine stand installation.CHAPTER THREE: ENGINE DISASSEMBLY Removing flywheels and clutches / Removing crankshaft pulleys / Clutch reconditioning / Removing auxiliary systems / Reassembly / A word on gaskets.CHAPTER FOUR: THE CYLINDER HEAD Cylinder head removal / Inspecting the cylinder head / Machining.CHAPTER FIVE: THE VALVE TRAIN Valve train designs / Valve train disassembly / Valve spring removal / Inspecting valve train components / Valve train measurements / Tappets and followers / Camshaft-driven systems / Camshaft and camshaft bearings / Valve lapping / Camshaft installation / Valve train installation / Initial valve train adjustments / Oil distribution / Push rod sleeves.CHAPTER SIX: THE CYLINDERS Bore inspection / Cylinder measurements / Ridge reaming / Bore restoration.CHAPTER SEVEN: THE ENGINE BLOCK Block inspection and measurement / Manifold mating surface / Block cleaning / Removing freeze plugs / Oil pressure relief valves and pop-up gauges.CHAPTER EIGHT: PISTONS and RECIPROCATING PARTS Pistons / Piston rings / Wrist pins / Connecting rods / Journal bearings / Assembling and installing piston assemblies.CHAPTER NINE: THE CRANKSHAFT Initial assessment / Parts orientation / Thrust bearing location and measurement / Main journal clearance / Measuring main journals / Crank removal / Damage inspection / Inspecting crankshaft alignment / Oil galleys / Common crankshaft problems / Assessing crankshaft journals and main bearings / If your crankshaft needs machining / Finding bearings / Consulting with a machine shop / Good machinist practices / Bearing installation / Crankshaft installation / Crankshaft oil seals.CHAPTER TEN: THE FUEL SYSTEM Removing linkages and fuel lines / Rebuilding carburetors / Diesel fuel injection / Intake manifolds / Air intake warmers / Fuel tank.CHAPTER ELEVEN: AUXILIARY SYSTEMS Oil pump / Magneto / Distributor / Hydraulic pumps / Cooling system.CHAPTER TWELVE: ASSEMBLY, INSTALLATION and TESTING Balancing the flywheel / Final checklist / Installing the engine / Testing and the moment of truth / Initial break-in / Extended break-in / What's next?APPENDIX 1APPENDIX 2 Restoration, parts and service.From the publisher... Old tractors are like old friends... you don't give them up because they slow down, start belching smoke, and make odd noises. No, in the case of an antique tractor with a dying motor, the best thing to do is haul it into the shop and rebuild its engine. It's a big job, but it is one that most hobbyists can do with a little help.In this book, author Spencer Yost walks you through an engine rebuild, from the time you tow that busted tractor into the shop to the sweet moment when the starter spins the freshly restored engine and it barks to kife. In between those moments, he covers shop tools and safety; removing and disassembling the engine; rebuilding both overhead and flathead valve trains; assessing and rebuilding crankshaft and piston assemblies; rebuilding carbs and fuel systems; timing magnetos and distributors; and much more. Tips for enhancing your tractor's performance are also included.Yost covers both vertical fours and opposed twins by following the teardown and rebuild of several popular antique tractor engines, including Case CO, Farmall F-20, Allis-Chalmers WC, Ford 8-N, and John Deere B.Whether you're performing a basic rebuild or a complete restoration, this book has the information you need to get your old friend running strong and back in the field again.

You can purchase this at The Motor Bookstore for $15.36.


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