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Farmall Letter Series Tractors Originality Guide 

Farmall Letter Series Tractors Originality Guide


Restoration is one thing. Correct restoration is quite another. Which decal set came from the factory? Precisely where was it placed? Was the magneto painted or not? The answers to these critical restoration questions and many more can be found in Farmall Letter Series.This extensively researched, beautifully illustrated book describes in detail the correct paint and decals for your Letter Series or McCormick-Deering tractor.The book includes factory drawings indicating decal placement, instructions for factory paint and finish of individual parts, and much more for the Farmall A, B, C, H, M, and Cub; the McCormick-Deering -4, -6, and -9; and the Super Series and -TA tractors.Table of Contents Acknowledgements Introduction General topics Models A and B Super A and Model C Super C and Super A-1 Farmall Cub Model H and McCormick-Deering 4 Series Super H and Super 4 Series Model M and McCormick-Deering 6 Series Super M, M-TA, and McCormick-Deering Super 6 Series and Super W-6-TA McCormick-Deering 9 Series and Super 9 Series Serial numbers and build dates Decal placement charts Index An incredibly thorough guide to accurately restoring International's most popular machines, Farmall Letter Series Tractors combines gorgeous photography and in-depth restoration information to create a must-have addition to any Farmall tractor enthusiast's shelf.

You can purchase this at The Motor Bookstore for $19.46.


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