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Farm Machinery: Practical Hints for Handy-Men 

Farm Machinery: Practical Hints for Handy-Men


Honoring the legacy of American mechanical know-how, this classic guide presents the principles of mechanics as well as step-by-step instruction on how to build and repair all types of farm machinery, advice practical enough to use on today's modern farms.Apprenticeship begins with an introduction to the essential building blocks of machinery including horsepower, the lever, and the law of mechanics. Also explained are general principles of gearing, friction, belts, and lubrication. Farm Machinery then presents blueprints, illustrations, and instruction for dozens of machines and their uses—including a sulky plow, a spading harrow, a vertical and horizontal corn harvester, and an endless array of threshing machinery, haying machinery, manure spreaders, feed mills, and more.More than a practical book on the construction of heavy farm equipment, Farm Machinery is a fascinating slice of Americana and captures the birth of an industry that has sustained Americans for nearly a century.

You can purchase this Farm & Country Life at The Motor Bookstore for $9.06.


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