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NorTrac Tractor with Front End Loader and Backhoe 30 HP

We have partnered with Northern to bring you a huge selection of equipment and tools for use around your farm or home.  The Nortrac Tractor listed below can be purchased safely and securely on Northern 
FREE SHIPPING  NorTrac Tractor with Front End Loader and Backhoe  30 HP FREE SHIPPING NorTrac Tractor with Front End Loader and Backhoe 30 HP

Save $2949 When You Buy this Tractor Package!Tractor and loader (Item# 188044) with backhoe implement. Multipurpose backhoe has double-acting cylinders for greater swing force and smoother operator control. Features 16in. bucket with 1.33 cu. ft. capacity, PTO pump kit and reservoir. Max. digging depth is 8ft.; max. reach is 9ft.6in.. Bucket rotates 180°. Truck ship. Includes Limited 6 Month Parts/Labor Warranty.Standard 5ft. material bucketLift capacity to full height: 1500 lbs.Breakaway capacity: 2900 lbs.Maximum lift height (ground to lower bucket pin): 8ft. 5in.Clearance with bucket dumped: 6ft. 7in.Reach at maximum height (front of tractor to front of bucket): 16in.Maximum dump angle: 50°Bucket rollback: 18° *Digging depth: 5in.Overall height in carry position: 4ft. 9in.Hydraulic control valve requirements: two spool selective control valve required for loader and hydraulic controlled bucket cylindersLift and bucket cylinders: double actingBucket control: hydraulic twin cylindersBucket cylinder size: 2in. bore x 16 3/4in. strokeLift cylinder size: 2in. bore x 22 3/4in. strokeApproximate weight with 5ft. bucket (less mounts): 629 lbs.Raising time: 7.0 secondsLowering time: 4.0 secondsBucket dump time: 5.0 secondsBucket rollback time: 3.5 seconds*NEVER ATTEMPT FULL ROLLBACK IN RAISED POSITION WITH FULL BUCKET.


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