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NorTrac Tractor 40 HP

We have partnered with Northern to bring you a huge selection of equipment and tools for use around your farm or home.  The Nortrac Tractor listed below can be purchased safely and securely on Northern 
FREE SHIPPING  NorTrac Tractor  40 HP FREE SHIPPING NorTrac Tractor 40 HP

Our powerful 40 HP tractor is equipped with a handy double-stage clutch, LIVE PTO and 3-pt. Category 1 hitch, making it versatile and easy to use. Features a 4-cylinder, water-cooled four-stroke engine with a maximum 2350 RPM. 8 forward and 2 reverse speeds. 540/720 PTO speeds. 115.75in. long with a 11.5in. ground clearance.Tractor dimensions: 115.75in.L x 56.77in.W x 99in.H (top of canopy)Net weight: 3630 lbs.Minimum operating weight: 3993 lbs.Wheel base: 72.2in.Wheel tread width - Front: 47.25in.Wheel tread width - Rear: 45.3in.-57.1in.Ground clearance: 11.5in.Front tires: 7.5-16Front tire inflation: 11.6 to 17.4 PSIRear tires: 11.2-28Rear tire inflation (in field): 11.6 to 17.4 PSIRear tire inflation (in transport): 11.6 to 17.4 PSITurning radius: 165.35in.Rated traction force: 1982 lbf.8 Forward speeds2 Reverse speedsFuel tank: 8 gallonsEngine oil: 1.587 gallons/6.35 quartsFront drive axle: 1.75 gallons/7 quartsTransmission: 4.75 gallons/19 quartsHydraulics: 2.12 gallons/8.48 quartsRadiator: 1.85 gallons/7.4 quarts


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