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Welcome to Ag Markets!
The following websites offer insite, information, and commentary about the grain futures markets. 
Click Here for USDA Reports
A/C Trading Co.:  not a free service

Agri-visor: gives opening, mid-day and closing commentary

Alaron Research:  daily market commentary of grains and other commodity markets.

Allendale Inc.:   free morning and mid-day comments, get free trial for 2 weeks,  end of the day comments very complete.
 TraderoomTalk -- Allendale by audio at 9:07 and 4:30

Benson-Quinn Commodities Inc.  morning  commentaries, good reports

C.B.O.T. Daily/Weekly Reports:  midday and closing commentaries and much more

Commodity Resource Corp. Market Alert:   A daily newsletter published by George Kleinman that provides viewers with an in-depth analysis of current opportunities in the futures markets, and offers specific trade recommendations. This is a unique opportunity to gain valuable market insight from one of the industry leaders.

Commodity Review and Outlook:  register for a username and password, and view daily commentaries for free...very good commentary.

Country Futures, Inc:  Daily Market Commentary

Crown Futures:  Sign up to recieve "Daily Tips" in you email, a daily tip sheet is useful for commodity futures and options traders along with farmers and agricultural personnel. :   The Marketing Minute™ is a daily marketing advice column written by Farm Progress editors.  The E stands for experience:  Register and get Pre-Opening, Midday, and Closing Audio Comments from Mark Gold

Farmers Options & Hedging Services, Inc:  Daily, Weekly, and Monthly market commentary
 Mikes Minute  Daily Trading recommendations News

Futures Resource Center:  FRC combines futures data from PC Quote and aggregates it onto a separate "site-let" that offers futures-specific news, commentary from the Hightower Report, and weather data from Strategic Weather Services.

Futures Knowledge:  daily market commentary in addition to free quotes, charts, research and news.

FutureNow Technicals LTF International:  Take Charge of Your Futures Trading!  Daily Trading Information for 20 Commodities. Online trading and Discounted Professional Brokerage Services.  15 Day FREE Trial.   (down)

Grain Field Marketing:

Persson Grain Company: Opening and Closing Commentary

Paragon Investments, Inc.:Closing Commentary

Progressive Ag  Marketing:  Commentary, must register for password  Market Calls and Commentary

Securities of Iowa Morning Report:  morning report  (down)

STA Trading Services:  morning comments, midday comments, afternoon comments, and much more... must register for username and password

Technical Talk:  Futures Magazine technical analysis, doesn't always have grain commentary

Tom Fritz-International Futures Group:

Weekly/MonthlyMarket Commentary:
Commodity Information Systems, Inc.:  combining fundamental and technical research since 1969.  Samples of publications available.

C&S Grain Market Consulting: specialize in current and historical analysis of December Corn Futures and November Soybean Futures.  No password is needed to access the latest Tools that I publish weekly, monthly and quarterly.

Doane's MarketWatch Newsletter:   a FREE email newsletter geared to give producers a quick glance at key factors affecting their marketing decisions.

Farmers Options & Hedging Services, Inc:  Daily, Weekly, and Monthly market commentary

Craig Coberly  Atlanta Georgia CTA

Louise Gartner  Spectrum Commodities

Curtis Miller  C and C Miller

Greg Goebel  Professional Marketing Associates

Ron & Sue Mortensen  Advantage Ag Strategies, Ltd.

Rich Posson  Ag-Financial Strategies

Roy Smith  Nebraska corn and soybean farmer

Scott Stewart  Stewart-Peterson Group, president

Joe Victor  Allendale, Inc

Grains Newsletter Trade(s) of the Month:

FutureNow Technicals LTF International Weekly Futures Commentary:

Trade Winds Commodity Market Week in Review:  Updated on Friday afternoons. Emphasizes the weather's role on market action.

Time Leverage Capital Grain Outlook:

University of Missouri-Columbia reports

University of Missouri Quarterly Agri-Marketing Teleconference

David  Reinbott:

Illinois and Purdue Weekly Outlook Newsletter   Darrel Good, Extension Grain Marketing Economist University of Illinois, Weekly newsletter

Iowa Farm Outlook Newsletter  bimonthly publication of Iowa State University Extension Economics

Mississippi Farm Bureau Ag Market Network  monthly report  in real audio

Mid-South Farmer Click "market perspective"

Jake Bernstein:

C.B.O.T. Weekly Review:

Weekly Purcell Ag Commodity Market Report:  from Virginia Cooperative Extension

University of Tennessee Ag Extension Service:  Fridays, comments by Delton C. Gerloff

South Dakota State University, Midwest Market Analysis:  Extension Grain Marketing Specialist Alan May

Iowa Grain Company:  bi-monthly comments 1st and middle of month

AgMAS:updated Thursdays, general consensus barometer.

Commodity Resource Corp. Weekly Ag Forecast:

Mississippi State University Monthly Corn and Soybeans Report:

CFTC Report:  commitment of traders reports

Decisive Marketing by Melvin Brees  University of Missouri Commercial Agriculture Grain Marketing Economist   Monthly Report

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