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Welding Cutting Heating and Welding Torches  



Generico 9-Pc. Welding and Cutting Torch Kit Model# 72B-WOR-SP
Medium duty set includes cutting attachment, cutting tip, welding handle, mixer, 3 welding tips, tip cleaner set, striker and instructions. UL listed, Victor compatible.



Thoroughbred Gaspony 3 Welding and Cutting Outfit Item# TB-GP3
The Thoroughbred Gaspony 3 Welding and Cutting Outfit provides everything you need to weld or cut, except the gas. Never pay cylinder lease or rental fees again! Gas exchange available nationwi...



Uniweld 8-Pc. Heavy-Duty Oxy/Acetylene Scrap Cutting Torch Outfit, Model# KV50AS-21
Hand cutting torch kit is perfect for cutting metal for acceptance at a scrap yard. Just add cylinders, welding gases and cart and start cutting! U.S.A. Includes: Extra-long 21in.L ti...



Generico Deluxe Oxy-Acetylene Medium Duty Welding, Cutting and Heating Outfit, Model# 7120B
Ready to weld up to 1/4in., and cut up to 1/2in. You get oxygen and acetylene regulators, cutting attachment, torch handle, mixer, 3/16in. x 20ft. hose, goggles, 3 welding and brazing tips, cuttin...



ProWeld Heavy-Duty Welding/Cutting Torch Set, Model# 7130BPW
Victor-style torch set is ideal for industrial and commercial applications. Welds metal up to 1/2in. thick and cuts up to 3/4in. thick. Brass Harris-style regulators. Welds up to 1/2in. ...



Proweld Light- to Medium-Duty Cutting/Welding Kit, Model# KA-51-TCPW
Excellent outfit for auto repair, HVAC applications and general maintenance. Welds up to 3/16in. and cuts up to 1/2in. MC acetylene cylinder R oxygen cylinder Rear entry regulators Check valve 1...



ProWeld Heavy-Duty Oxy-Fuel Cutting Torch 18in.
Harris-style cutting torch uses both propane and natural gas. Ideal for small jobs like muffler work or metal scrapping. Head angle 90; comes with #2 tip. Check valves, in-head...



ProWeld Heavy-Duty Oxy-Propane Cutting Torch 36in.
This extra-long Harris-style cutting torch burns longer and reaches farther than other torches. Its ideally suited for cutting up scrap and salvage work. Cuts steel up to 6in. thick with in...



ProWeld Heavy-Duty Oxy-Acytylene Cutting Torch 21in.
This Harris-style cutting torch burns longer than other torches. Its designed for scrap and salvage work. Cuts steel up to 6in. thick with included #4 tip. Harris-style 21in. oxy&#45...



Proweld Oxy-Acetylene Medium-Duty Welding, Cutting & Heating Toolbox, Model# 7120
The Proweld Oxy-Acetylene medium-duty welding, cutting & heating toolbox gives you the equipment you need to weld, cut and braze for most tasks around the house and shop. It all stores neat...



Victor Oxy-Acetylene Outfit Model# FP250-510FC
Victor medium-duty oxy-acetylene outfit features built-in flashback arrestors and reverse flow check valves, two safety features designed to help protect the operator. Built-in f...



Thermadyne Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting Outfit, Model# CS350-510FC
The Victor CutSkill 350 is capable of welding from 1/32in./.79mm up to 3in./75mm with appropriate welding nozzle and cutting from 1/8in./3mm up to 8in./200mm with appropriate cutting ti...



GenStar Cutting Torch, 36In., Model# 463SEL-36CV-CN-4
The GenStar Harris-compatible cutting torch features a 180 head angle. Harris-compatible torch with a 180 head angle Cutting range up to 12in. Balanced design and rugged cons...


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