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Towing Towing Hooks  



Buyers 8-Ton Capacity Steel Pintle Hook
Made of steel- not cast iron- for excellent strength. Rigid mount. 8-ton capacity. 2000-lb. vertical load. Load Capacity (lbs.): 2,000, Material: Steel



Buyers 5-Ton Pintle Hook Fits 2in. Receiver Tube
Forged metal pintle hook has 10,000-lb. max. gross trailer weight and 2000-lb. max. vertical load. Fits directly into a 2in. receiver hitch. No adapter needed. U.S.A. Max. Gross Trailer Wei...



Buyers 5-Ton Capacity Pintle Hook
Spring loaded locking pintle with safety pin and chain. 34,000-lb. breaking strength. Rated towing capacity 5 tons. Max. Gross Trailer Weight (lbs.): 5 tons, Load Capacity (lbs.): 34,000



Buyers Forged Swivel-Type Pintle Hook 15-Ton Capacity, Model# BP100A
Features spring cushion. Swivel action provides torsional relief of coupling. Recommended for off-road applications (capacities reduced 25%). Max. Gross Trailer Weight (lbs.): 15 Ton, Load Capa...



Buyers 20-Ton Capacity Steel Pintle Hook
Made of steel not cast iron for excellent strength. Rigid mount. 20-ton capacity, 6000-lb. vertical load. Load Capacity (lbs.): 6,000, Material: Steel



Buyers 20-Ton Capacity Steel Pintle Hook
Made of heavy duty cast alloy material with one-hand coupling mechanism for ease of use. Coupling latch locks into place when securing latch is in the closed position. 18,000 lbs. maximum verti...



Buyers 15-Ton Capacity Steel Pintle Hook
Made of steel - not cast iron - for excellent strength. Rigid mount. 15-ton capacity, 4000-lb. vertical load. Max. Gross Trailer Weight (lbs.): 15-ton, Load Capacity (lbs.): 4,0...



Buyers Receiver Mount Tow Hook
For use with 2 in. receiver tubes. 10,000-lb. capacity (do not exceed hitch capacity). Black powder-coat finish resists corrosion. Max. Gross Trailer Weight (lbs.): 10,000, Fits Receivers (...



Black Tow Hook
10,000-lb. capacity. Fits all bumper mounting kits. Load Capacity (lbs.): 10,000



Chrome Tow Hook 7,500-Lb. Capacity
This sturdy tow hook holds 7,500 lbs. Chrome plated. Load Capacity (lbs.): 7,500, Material: Chrome plated



15in. J Hook Handles up to 4700 Lbs.
Grade 70 forged steel. U.S.A. Load Capacity (lbs.): 4,700, Length (in.): 15, Material: Grade 70 forged steel



8in. J Hook Handles up to 5400-Lbs.
Grade 70 forged steel. U.S.A. Load Capacity (lbs.): 5,400, Length (in.): 8, Material: Grade 70 forged steel



Tractor Drawbar Grab Hook has 9000-Lb. Working Load
For use with drawbars up to 1 5/8in. thick and 5/16in. to 1/2in. chain. 3/4in. pin diameter. Load Capacity (lbs.): 9,000



Banjo Eye
Steel banjo eyes for 3/8in. chain.



Buyers 12,000-Lb. Receiver Mount Towing Hook
Drop-forged black powder-coated towing hook fits all 2 in. receiver tubes with 5/8 in. hitch pin hole. 12,000-lb. capacity. U.S.A. Load Capacity (lbs.): 12,000, Fits Receivers (in.): 2,...



Pierce Sales 3000-Lb. Capacity Steel J-Hook
High-tensile steel hook measures 14in.L and is 7/8in. thick with a 3/8in. chain hole. U.S.A. Load Capacity (lbs.): 3,000, Length (in.): 14 x 7/8, Material: Steel Spacing between shank and hoo...



Pierce Sales J-Hook and Chain Set
Includes two 14in. steel J-hooks (#3309046), two 8 sections of towing quality 5/16in. chain, two 5/16in. grab hooks and two T-hooks for direct frame connections. All preassembled. U.S.A...



Pierce Sales Towing T-Hook
Hooks onto frame of front wheel drive cars for towing or for tie-down on transports. Drop forged steel. U.S.A. Material: Drop forged steel



Pierce Sales J-Type Tow Bridle with Twin Hooks
Completely adjustable towing bridle has 5/8in. drop-forged, pear-shaped master link. Two grab hooks adjust the length of each 2ft. leg, made of 5/16in. grade 43 high test chain. U.S.A. Ma...



Clevis Slip Hook with Latch 9200-Lb. Capacity
Multi-Pack Clevis Slip Hook with Latch Load Capacity (lbs.): 9,200, Length (in.): 1/2



Clevis Slip Hook with Latch - 1/4in.
Load Capacity (lbs.): 2,600, Length (in.): 1/4 Size: 1/4in. Working load: 2600 lb.



Clevis Slip Hook with Latch - 5/16in.
Load Capacity (lbs.): 3,900, Length (in.): 5/16 Size: 5/16in. Working load: 3900 lb.



Clevis Slip Hook with Latch - 3/8in.
Load Capacity (lbs.): 5,400, Length (in.): 3/8 Size: 3/8in. Working load: 5400 lb.



Pierce Sales 4in. Mini J-Hook Tie Down
Measures 4 3/4in.L x 5/8in. diameter with a 1/2in. eye. Often used by auto transporters as a tie-down hook. Zinc plated. Rated G43. U.S.A. Length (in.): 4 3/4 x 5/8, Material: Zinc plated



Pierce Sales Adjustable Nylon Tow Bridle With 15in. J-Hooks
Made with 24in. legs of 3in. wide nylon with a double sewn loop at each end. At the center, a 5/8in. drop-forged, pear shaped master link. Uses T hooks plus J-hooks. U.S.A. Length (in.): ...



Pierce Sales Quick-Change 15in. Clevis J-Hook
Clevis end lets you switch hooks quickly using only a pair of pliers. Made from 7/8in. high carbon steel for maximum strength, eliminating weaker connecting links. 15in. length overall. U.S.A. L...


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