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Safety Safety Harnesses  



Integral Shock-Absorbing Lanyard 6ft.
Extremely lightweight and compact, with 2 locking strap hooks. Fully complies with required industry standards, including OSHA and ANSI. U.S.A. Lanyard Type: Shock-Absorbing, Lanyard Length (ft...



10-Ft. Self-Retracting Lanyard
Self-retracting lifeline with 1 3/4in. x 10-ft. webbing. Locking snap hook on one end attaches to users harness; locking carabiner and stainless steel swivel on other end attaches to a...



Full Body Harness
Full body harness has a single D-ring for fall arrest. Dual fall tab indicators show if harness has been used in a fall arrest. Features a lanyard keeper to secure lanyard when not in use and m...



Deluxe Body Harness
Superior 5-point adjustable full body harness has a single back D-ring for fall arrest and 2 side D-rings for work positioning. Dual fall tab indicators show if harness has been used in...



Body Harness/Lanyard Combo with Bag
Full body harness with attached 6ft. integral shock-absorbing lanyard. One end of lanyard is sewn on back D-ring with a locking snap hook on the other end. Dual fall tab indicators show if ...



7/8in. Steel Carabiner
Steel carabiner with 7/8in. double-locking gate opening. U.S.A.



3 Ft. Pass-Thru Anchor Sling
Features heavy-duty 1 3/4in. web sewn onto 3in-wide 18,000 lb. wear pad. Has one regular D-ring for fall arrestor attachment and one large D-ring for wrap-around pass-thru c...



FallTech Comfortech 3 D-Ring Harness
Triple D-ring harness is for fall arrest and work positioning. Has shoulder yoke, twin butt pads and waist pad positioning assembly with integral side D-rings and removable work belt. Featu...



FallTech 6-Ft. Elastech Y-Leg Lanyard
6-ft. lanyard features double-locking offset snap hooks at attachment end and #18 rebar hooks at both anchorage ends. Expands from 4 1/2 to 6 feet. Allows for 100% tie-off. 2-ye...



FallTech 6-Ft. Elastech Lanyard
Single-leg lanyard features double-locking offset snap hooks at each end. Expands from 4 1/2 to 6 feet. 2-year limited warranty. U.S.A. Lanyard Type: Shock-Absorbing, Lanyard Length...



Fall Tech Contractor Plus Roofers Kit, Model# 7595A
Contains 5-pt. adjustable full-body harness with tongue buckle legs. Shock-absorbing 3ft. clearpack lanyard with attached self-tracking rope grab. 50 feet of 5/8in. vertical lifelin...



FallTech Vertical Lifeline 50ft. L, Model# 7150T
The FallTech Vertical Lifeline provides 50ft. of 5/8in., 3-strand polyester rope with a tensile strength of 8500 lbs. that meets OSHA 1926 and ANSI Z359 requirements. U.S.A. Lanyard Type: Poly...



WrapTech Y-Leg Tie-Back Lanyard 6ft. L, Model# 7241Y
The WrapTech Y-Leg Tie-Back Lanyard features shock-absorbing Y-leg construction for 100% tie-off and carabiners with 5000-lb. rated reinforced gates allowing tie-back ap...



FallTech Hinged Reusable Roof Anchor, Model# 7410
Sturdy anchor is easily installed and removed from trusses or sheathing, allowing repeated uses from job to job. Fits any roof peak up to 12/12 and can also be mounted perfectly flat. U.S.A. Mad...



FallTech 6-Ft. Single-Leg Tie-Back Lanyard, Model# 7241
Single-leg lanyard features ClearPack shock absorber, a double-locking snap hook at the attachment end and a carabiner with reinforced gate at the anchor end. Can be used in tie-back ap...



FallTech Confined Space Kit Model# 7505
The FallTech Confined Space Kit includes a tripod and 60ft. winch, enabling safe access to confined spaces and is fully rated for personnel and equipment. Tripod is adjustable from 6-ft. to 1...


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