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Measuring Tools Calculators  



Desktop Calculator
Features large 8-digit display. Battery included. Application: General purpose, Display Type: 8-digit, Battery Included: Yes



Jumbo Desktop Calculator
Easy-to-use calculator has large tilt-head LCD display for easy viewing at any angle. Features memory, square root and percentage keys. Dual solar and battery power. Application: Genera...



InchMate+ Builders Calculator, Model# 101102
Automatic right triangle functions New CPU chip for fast operations! Helps you prevent costly errors! Built-in triangle functions are great for laying out roof rafters, stairs and other...



Calculated Industries Inc. Scale Master II Multi-Scale Digital Estimating Tool
91 built-in scales cut estimating time, boost effiency Scales plans that have been reduced, enlarged or faxed Measures basics plus nautical miles, square and cube formats AutoCount feature calc...



InchMate+ Construction Calculator Model# DT220
The most versatile construction calculator on the market! All the functions of the InchMate PRO with additional construction keys for rafter/framing work. Application: Construction, Measures: R...



Calculated Industries Inc. Construction Master Pro DT Desktop Model
Builders, contractors, carpenters and construction professionals use this advanced, easy-to-use Feet-Inch-Fraction, Metric and Full Trigonometric calculator to provide rapid solutio...



Calculated Industries Construction Master Pro V.3 Calculator
Advanced construction/math calculator is packed with solutions for building professionals. Calculates sheets of building material needed, solutions for stairs, roofing materials, compound miter cut...



Sonin Multi-Measure Combo Pro
Professional outdoor tool measures distances up to 250 feet. Perfect for the architect, landscaper, real estate appraiser or crime scene investigator. Has target with LED which confirms that signal...



Sonin Laser Targeting Rangefinder
Take the guesswork out of ultrasonic distance measuring! Laser pinpoints target area for accuracy. Measures 18in. to 60 feet with accuracy up to 99.5% Application: Laser Targeting, Accuracy: 99...


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