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Grounds Maintenance Dethatchers and Rakes  



Minuteman Walk-Behind Parker APV Vacuum 30in. Wide, 6.75 HP, Model# LV02675B
The Minuteman Parker APV is an all-purpose, multisurface litter vacuum that is outstanding on both turf and hard surface applications. This powerful all-terrain litter vacuum devours dirt a...



Merry Mac Walk-Behind Dethatcher 22in. Wide, 6 HP, Model# DT22-6IM
Comprised of high-impact plastic cartridges and tines. Tines will not damage sprinkler heads, sidewalks or pavers. Easy to change and maintain tines for only pennies apiece. Nylon tine system a...



Swisher Acreage Rake 60in., Model# ACR-500
Rake or dethatch big yards quickly with 6 reels clearing a 60in. path. Reels are reversible for extended usage. Each reel arm lifts separately for wind rowing. Unique design creates rows for easy p...



Agri Fab Tow Behind Tine Dethatcher 48in. Width, Model# 45-0295
Tine de-thatchers do a gentle job of bringing matted layers of thatch and large clippings to the surface for a healthy lawn. Use de-thatchers in the spring, midsummer and fall to bring life...



Agri Fab Tow Behind Dethatcher 40in. Width
Remove excess thatch with our mid-sized Dethatcher. Tine dethatchers do a gentle job of bringing matted layers of thatch and large clippings to the surface for a healthy lawn. De-thatcher a...



Kolpin Powersports Landscape Rake - 60in., Model# LSR60
Twenty-one 1in. x 5/16in. hardened landscape rake tines level and grade newly broken ground, break up sod clumps and more. 5-position angling can be used in a push or pull application. 2...



Swisher Large Acreage Rake 8-Ft., Model# ACR-5212V
The Swisher large acreage rake clears leaves, dead grass, clippings and acorns quickly. Attaches to a lawn tractor or ATV and clears an 8-ft. path. Clear leaves, dead grass, clippings and ac...



Swisher ATV/Lawn Tractor Landscape Drag 65In.L, Model# LD-57
The Swisher ATV/lawn tractor landscape drag provides a unique design for finishing grades. Dethatcher Type: Landscape Drag, Operating Width (in.): 65 Unique design for finishing grades Tows easil...



Swisher Inline Rake 55in., Model# ACR-600
The Swisher 55in. inline rake gathers leaves, dead grass, clippings and debris into a row for easy pickup. Dethatcher Type: Pull behind, Operating Width (in.): 55, Wheel Type: Pneumatic tires, Whee...


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