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Excalibur Electronics Wireless Indoor Helicopter Red, Model# 8635R-1
HURRY! Quantities limited! Sale price good while supplies last. The Excalibur Micro Chopper wireless indoor helicopter lets you and your kids experience all the excitement of authentic f...



Excalibur Electronics Wireless Indoor Helicopter Silver, Model# 8635S-1
The Excalibur Micro Chopper wireless indoor helicopter lets you and your kids experience all the excitement of authentic flight in your own home. Easy to fly and very stable. Fly through hallways, ...



Northern Industrial Tools Double Socket 12 Volt
Expands a cigarette lighter socket into 2! Use two devices at once, or one socket for your mobile phone and the other to charge the battery!



1:12 Scale Radio-Control Beverage Buggy
Fully functional Beverage Buggy delivers up to two cans or bottles of your favorite drink in a radio-control dune buggy. Drive it forward, left, right or backward... wherever you want to delive...



Jumbo Glow-in-the-Dark Remote
Super-sized remote control has glow-in-the-dark keys. Replace all your remotes with this one easy-to-use remote with large buttons. Controls up to 8 devices. Controls most m...



Jobars Mega Mite Megaphone, Model# JB3430
Be heard in any crowd! Lightweight, compact megaphone projects voice up to 165 yards. Ideal for sporting events, picnics, boating and calling the kids. Volume control Speak/off switch Built&...



Sounds Amplifier
Listen to everything loud and clear with this hearing enhancer! Hear sounds from over 65ft. away. Amplifies sound up to 50 dB. Perfect for hunting, watching TV and conversations. Lightweight, c...



Wireless Hands-Free Device for Cell Phones
Transform your cell phone into a speakerphone for safe hands-free communications. Attaches to any cell phone and transmits conversations through a car, home or office radio. Easy set-up &#1...



Liquid Image 5.0 MP Digital Underwater Camera Mask
Photograph or video friends, family or fish with this underwater camera built into a swimming mask. Provides you with hands free photography for safer swimming. Includes video editing sof...



Excalibur Electronics Radio Control Snack Float Model# PR640S-1
Pass the beverages around the pool to friends without leaving the comfort of your lounge chair! Carries up to 5 drinks and snacks in center without tipping over 16 1/2in.L x 14 1/2in.W x 8 1...



Jumpin Banana Silver TVR Street Mouse Model JB044
The Jumpin Banana silver TVR Street wireless mouse looks like a sports car and is compatible with virtually any Windows laptop or desktop computer just plug in USB adapter and start mousing.



Jumpin Banana USB Retro Webcam Model# JB205
The Jumpin Banana USB retro webcam brings a touch of Hollywood to your desktop PC. Full-function webcam looks like old camera. Built-in mic Fine focus wheel High-quality lens Great f...



Jumpin Banana Homer Simpson Multi-Port Hub Model# JB039
Plug in the Jumpin Banana Homer Simpson multi-port hub, watch Homer spin in his chair, shouting, Woo hoo! and enjoy the functionality of 4 additional USB ports. Provides 4 ad...



Jumpin Banana Homer Simpson USB Desk Lamp Model JB042
The Jumpin Banana Homer Simpson USB-powered desk lamp adds a touch of Springfield to your home or office. Plugs directly into your computer no AC power required! Cord winds up ins...



Carson Optical Digital Microscope with Camera for Computer Model# MM-740
Powerful zoom digital microscope displays magnified image right on your computer screen. Impressive zoom magnification allows you to see details of ordinary objects you never knew existed. Capture ...



Excalibur Radio-Controlled Single-Wing Plane
Soar above the rest of the pack with this fully functional digital controlled airplane. The latest in 3D radio control technology allows you to simply bank the motion-sensitive controller to fl...


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