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Winco PTO Generator Shaft Adapter, Model# 44804
Splined PTO adapter is designed for 8000-25,000 Watt generators. 6-spline input shaft is 1 1/8in. keyed x 1 3/8in.



NorthStar PTO Generator 13,000 Watt, 24 HP Required
Single-phase generator cranks out 100 Amps @ 120V, 50 Amps @ 240V. Requires 24 PTO HP or more for rated output: 13,000 surge Watts and 12,000 continuous Watts. Industry standard 1 3/8in., 6&#45...



NorthStar Waltersheid PTO Generator Driveline 60 HP
ASAE Class 3 regular duty driveline features 1 3/8 in. dia. 6 spline quick-release female inputs on both ends, cable stop to prevent separation of driveline halves, grease zerks plus a non-...



NorthStar PTO Generator 27,500 Watt, 48 HP Required
Single-phase engine generates 200 Amps @ 120V and 100 Amps @ 240V simultaneously. Industry standard 1 3/8 in., 6-spline input shaft, requires 48 PTO HP engine minimum at 540 RPM. 100% coppe...



NorthStar PTO Generator 7200 Watt, 14 HP Required
Designed for small tractors to run at 6% or less total harmonic distortion. Less gear noise, longer gear life compliments of the gearboxs shaved steel gears. Flexible control panel has two 20 ...


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