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Garage Gear Collectibles  



Corvette Wall Plaque, Model# 2091
The ideal room accent for Corvette enthusiasts! Park this profile of a 59 Corvette against the wall or hang it on the wall in any room and youll be the talk of the town. This is not a...



Tokheim 39 Gas Pump Replica Do-It-Yourself Kit
The original Tokheim Model 39 was a familiar sight at gas stations everywhere during the 40s and 50s. This authentic replica features clean lines with chrome, stainless steel and aluminum...



Wayne Gas Pump Replica Mobil
The Wayne 70 Gas Pump replica duplicates the simple, clean design from the authentic 1940s pump. With its chrome accents, decorative hose, nozzle and reset crank, even pros will look twice! U.S...



Tokheim 39 Gas Pump Display Case John Deere
Show off your favorite collectibles in this impressive, full-scale 1950s replica gas pump display case. Illuminated globe features the John Deere logo. Truck ship. U.S.A. Fiberglass case has...



Busted Knuckle Gas Pump Cookie Jar
A unique and fun series of automotive-inspired collectibles featuring the Busted Knuckle Garage logo. Makes a great holiday or birthday gift. All-ceramic gas pump cookie jar 17in. tall t...



Parking Meter Bank, Model# B1
Fully functional parking meter has a timer that accepts nickels, dimes and quarters. Looks great in garage, workshop or game room; also makes a classy corporate gift. U.S.A. Metallic dark green ...



Original Model 60 Parking Meter, Model# 601
Hey, make em pay to park at the boatdock, your shop lot, or even in your driveway! Completely remanufactured and fully functional, the Model 60 parking meter accepts nickels, dimes ...



Original Model 50 Parking Meter, Model# 50
Professionally restored, limited edition Model 50 parking meter dates from 1937 to 1957. This is not a toy! Fully functional and mounted on a hardwood base for a desk or bartop, or displayed in...



Liberty Classics Engine Replica - Chevy Camaro Small Block V-8, Model# 84021
This 1:6 scale model is hand assembled to replicate the actual 1967 Camaro Chevy small block V-8, renowned for its potential for performance and power despite being smaller and lighter than oth...



Liberty Classics Engine Replica - Chevy Corvette L84 Fuel-Injected, Model# 84022
The 1963 L-84 Corvette engine was rated at 360 horsepower and gave absolutely awesome performance. Many details have been faithfully executed in this 1:6 scale model. Flywheel gear that turn...



Liberty Classics Engine Replica - 1967 Ford Top Fuel Dragster, Model# 84029
1:6 scale replica of a supercharged 427 Ford SOHC engine that tore up the strip with 8000 HP! Featuring a highly detailed GMC blower case with real compression springs and bolts. Chrome-...



Liberty Classics Engine Replica - Hemi Top Fuel Dragster, Model# 84028
Supercharged 1969 426 Hemi is an intricately detailed and realistic 1:6 scale replica, featuring a detailed GMC blower case with real compression springs and bolts. Real chrome-plated blower...



Liberty Classics Engine Replica - Chevy Corvette Big Block L89 Tri-Power. Model# 84021
Authentic reproduction of the Turbo Jet 427 cu. in., 435 HP engine that was introduced in the late 1960s. Starter motor gear drives the flywheel gear that turns the crankshaft, pulleys, belts, f...



Liberty Classics Plymouth Hemi Cuda Shaker Engine Replica, Model# 84031
Plymouth Hemi Cuda Shaker engine is an intricately detailed and realistic 1:6 scale replica of the engine that entered the Barracuda into a new era of Mopar muscle cars. Die cast engine block wi...



Trademark Poker Skill Stop Machine Cabinet/Stand
Attractive wood cabinet is designed to hold skill stop machine, Item# 900014 or 900015. For use with Item# 900014 or 900015 Storage area below machine with magnetic-latch door Wood w...



Trademark Poker 200-Pk. of Skill Stop Tokens
Tokens are for use in skill stop machines, Item#s 900014 and 900015. Tokens are 24mm diameter and vary in design.


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