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Fuel Transfer and Lubrication Oil Extractors  



Northern Industrial 8 Gallon Air-Operated Oil Changer
Portable vacuum-charged unit is ideal for extracting used oil and other fluids from almost any vehicle. Includes 6 suction probes equipped with quick-disconnect couplers for fluid extractio...



Spray-Tech Systems Hand-Operated Vacuum Pump, Model# Ezee Pump 1000
Makes vehicle oil changes and other liquid transfers fast, clean and environmentally friendly. Simply put the hose into dipstick tube, pump until a vacuum is created and watch the oil or liquid dra...



EZ VC Replacement Bags for Easy Oil Change System
2 disposal bags and 2 handi-wipes. U.S.A.



Liquidynamics Oil Extractor 6 Gallon, Model# 24224T
Clean, easy, safer way to remove 70F to 176F oils and fluids through dipstick tube or other convenient openings. Great for car, tractor, boat and small aircraft engines. Also for indust...



Used Oil Storage System
Double wall construction, automatic air shutoff and locking cover help prevent leaks, overfilling and pilferage. Choose workbench or vertical style. UL listed, 1in. air-operated diaphragm pump....



Mityvac Pneumatic Fluid Evacuator 8.8 Liter
Shop air powers the evacuator for clean, fast extraction of transmission, brake fluid, coolant, gear and engine oil. Tank Size (gal.): 2.32, Suction Hose Length (in.): 5 2 rigid dipstick tubes Ad...



Mityvac Fluid Evacuator
Provides a clean and simple way to evacuate & dispense fluids. Vacuum pressure extracts transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, gear oil and engine oil. Flow (GPM): 2, Tank Size (gal.): 2.32, Suc...



Jabsco Flat Tank Oil Changer System, Model# 17860-1012
Compact self-contained unit has a self-priming diaphragm pump with an easy-pour spout and cap. Draws oil through dipstick using 12V power; works best when oil is at operating temperatur...



Sage Oil Vac 30 Gallon Fluid Recovery System, Model# 30080
For recovery of any type of maintenance fluid. Dolly-mounted system. U.S.A. Air Inlet Size (in.): 1/2, Tank Size (gal.): 30, Suction Hose Length (in.): 25 Vacuum generator (requires air sourc...



Liquivac Topside Oil Changer
Clear vacuum hose and black suction probe reach down through the dipstick tube to the bottom of the engine pan. Powerful vacuum pump action creates a strong suction that pulls the dirty oil and slu...



LiquiVac Oil Extractor 2 Gallon
Great for removing used oil from hard-to-reach drains on large or small engines. Easy-to-use pump tank comes with suction hose and storage cap. U.S.A. Tank Size (gal.): 2



LiquiVac Oil Changing System For Small Engines, Model# 2005
The LiquiVac system creates a strong vacuum to draw oil right out of an engine into a holding tank for easy transport of the used oil to a recycling center. Simply insert the extraction hose into t...


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