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Electrical Terminal Kits and Organizers  



Prime Wire & Cable Cordwinder 100 Ft. Capacity
Tangle-free portable storage for extension cords. Compact heavy-duty frame. Holds 100 ft. of 16 gauge cord.



Calterm Auto Emergency Electrical Repair Kit
208 pieces plus 4 tools Be prepared! Complete kit includes electrical tape, primary wire, multitool for crimping and stripping, 12V DC test light, miniature screwdrivers and battery terminal c...



Northern Industrial Solderless Terminal Accessory Kit 1000-Pc. Set
You can probably find 1001 uses for this 1000 piece kit. Includes a 4-way 9in. steel crimper with PVC cushion grip and 37 varieties of solderless terminals, connectors and cable accessories. Yo...



Northern Industrial Solderless Electrical Terminal Kit 500-Pc. Set
19 sizes and styles of insulated terminals and connectors need no soldering! Red, yellow and blue color-coded insulation. You get butt splicers, ring studs, spade studs, male and female di...



Northern Industrial Wire Reel Caddy, Model# 2103Q021
The Northern Industrial wire reel caddy pays out wire quickly and easily. Pays out wire quickly and easily Works with wire spools of assorted sizes Includes 8 axles (3/4in. dia.) and 2 axles (1 ...


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