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Auto SUV and Truck Accessories Air Horns  



Wolo Air Max Dual Horn Kit
Two air-powered trumpets (7 1/2in. and 5 1/2in.) produce an extra-loud 115dB sound. Great for all 12V vehicles, trucks, RVs and boats. Powerful dual-tone air horn Includes 12V heavy&...



Wolo Powerhouse Chrome-Plated Air Horns
Roof-mounted dual metal air horns (11 1/2in. and 10 1/4in.) belt out an extra-loud sound up to 115dB. Ideal for roof mounting on trucks, RVs, vans and boats. Roof-mounted dual metal ...



Wolo Fun Horn OOOGAH Kit
Creates an antique car ooogah sound at a loud 112dB. Great for all 12V vehicles, trucks, RVs and boats. 5in.L horn has 3 1/2in. dia. bell. Antique car ooogah sound Includes 1...



Wolo Maxi-Sound Twin Horn Kit
Universal horn set combines a high and low tone at a loud 112dB. Great for all 12V vehicles, trucks, RVs and boats. Includes 12V motor with 1- or 2-terminal connection, mounting hardware...



Wolo 4-in-1 Siren/Horn
4 different sounds include 3 emergency sirens (police, fire engine, ambulance) and 1 truck air horn. 4-button control panel lets you control siren from inside your vehicle. 5in. x 6in. plast...



Wolo Dixie 5-Trumpet Air Horn, Model# 430
Musical trumpet horns blast out the Dixie tune made popular by the General Lee, the Dodge Charger from the Dukes of Hazzard. 118 decibels are guaranteed to turn heads. 5 durable plastic trumpets ar...



Wolo Animal House Horn and PA
A horn system thats sure to attract immediate attention! Choose from 69 different sounds /50 musical, 9 animal and 10 sirens. Included microphone with 3 ft. cord turns Animal House horn into a...



Wolo Long Horn Air-Powered Horns
Announce your arrival with a BIG blast through 2 extra-long plastic trumpet horns. A powerful, heavy-duty 12V compressor produces 118dB of sound, so youll certainly be turning heads. Includ...



Wolo Bad Boy Compact Air Horn
Incredibly powerful dual-tone air horn is twice as loud as your factory horn. 118 decibels is sure to get attention. One-piece design fits most 12V vehicles. Dual-tone air horn Twice ...



Wolo Euro Emergency Air Horn Model# 416
Two-tone air-powered horn is super loud! With the throw of a switch, you can change the tone from a steady blast to an Euro emergency vehicle high-low sound. This 118 decibel horn w...



Wolo Bull Car Horn Model# 340
The Wolo Bull Car Horn will help you stand out from the herd, announcing your arrival with the sound of a raging bull. Rugged construction ensures dependable service Installs in any 12V vehicle ...



Wolo Train Car Horn Model# 360
The Wolo Train Horn puts you on the fast track with three automatically changing train sounds. Attention-getting 12 Watts of power Installs in any 12V vehicle Sounds include a train crossing...



Wolo Wobbler - Wild Turkey Sound Car Horn Model# 410
The Wolo Wobbler Car Horn gobbles up the competition with an air-powered 2-tone blast. Horn alternates between a turkey sound and a continuous blast 3 durable red plastic trumpets Extra ...



Wolo Juke Box Musical Car Horn Model# 336
The Wolo Juke Box Musical Car Horn allows you to cue up 34 pre-programmed songs with the touch of a button. Piano keyboard design allows programming hundreds of additional songs Music book i...



WOLO Bad Boy Chromed Air Horn Model# 519
The WOLO Bad Boy Chromed Air Horn leaves no doubt that you have arrived on the scene. This powerful dual-tone air horn is twice as loud as a factory horn. Powerful, dual-tone air horn is...



Wolo Power Play Model# 346
The Wolo Power Play amplifies the sound of any audio player up to 40 Watts quickly and easily. Lets everyone hear your favorite songs at tailgate parties, sporting events and other gatherings. A...



Wolo E-Z Portable Horn, Model# 496
The Wolo E-Z portable horn is a powerful handheld electronic horn that emits a powerful, ear-piercing warning sound. Powerful, handheld electronic horn Emits an ear-piercing warning ...


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