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Auto Repair Windshield Repair  



Keysco Tools Windshield Molding Release Tool
Universal tool removes molding on all makes and models of cars without damaging windshield. Works in either direction.



Keysco Tools Windshield Removal Tool
Cuts butyl adhesive caulking compounds around windshields of GM and Chrysler vehicles. Pull handle swivels for extra leverage. Includes tempered steel blade.



Keysco Tools Windshield Wire Handle Kit, Model# 77390
Two EZ-grip steel handles hold windshield wire securely without exposing fingers to injury. A heavy-duty hole starter pierces hardened urethane sealant. Braided wire cuts through sealant, e...



Keysco Tools Braided Windshield Wire 72-Ft. Spool, Model# 77392
For use with windshield wire handle kit (Item# 117358, sold separately). 3 strands of gold stainless steel wire are braided into a 72-ft. hank of wire. Cuts through rough urethane sealant a...



Performance Tool Windshield Removal Tool, Model# W80641
The Performance Tool windshield removal tool removes bonded windshields and backlights on GM and Chrysler vehicles. Removes bonded windshields and backlights on GM and Chrysler vehicles Cuts sea...


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