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Auto Repair Engine Hoists and Stands  



Sunex Tools Deluxe Geared Engine Stand 1000-Lb. Capacity, Model# 8300GA
Sunex Tools deluxe geared engine stand allows user to rotate engine easily. Locks into place for safety. Capacity (lbs.): 1,000, Geared Mounting Head: Yes, Lockable Mounting Head: Yes 63:1 gear r...



Sunex Tools 700-Lb. Capacity Engine Transverse Bar Model# 5207
Sunex adjustable engine transverse bar expands from 34 1/2in. to 61in. wide. Removable padded feet. Includes two 14in. adjustable hook screws and two 1/8in. x 38in. braided steel cables. Capacity (...



Torin Folding Engine Stand 1500-Lb. Capacity, Model# T26801
Heavy-duty 1500-lb. capacity, 4-leg folding engine stand has a large, heavy chrome head and frame black frame for big block and display engines. 4-hole mounting head rotates 360&#17...



Engine Support 1100-Lb. Capacity
1100# capacity manual thread rod. This engine support has double groove chains and is used from wheel well to wheel well to help support your engine while working on the transmission/engine&#33...



Torin Big Red 2-Ton Foldable Engine Hoist w/Free Load Leveler
Heavy-duty folding engine hoist has a lifting range from 1in. to 93 3/4 in. Features a 4-hole position boom, heavy-duty 8-ton long ram, 6 wheels for added mobility and foldable desi...



Torin Big Red Folding Engine Hoist 1-Ton Capacity
Folding engine hoist has a lifting range from 1in. to 78 3/4 in. Features a 4-hole position boom, 4 wheels and a unique super folding design using minimum storage space. Truck ship. Capacity (l...



Torin Big Red Engine Stand 1250-Lb. Capacity
Rotating head allows for easy access to any part of engine and four-leg design adds extra stability. Strong tubular steel construction. 4-bolt hole mounting head. Capacity (lbs.): 1,250, Mo...



Northern Industrial Engine Equalizer 1250-Lb. Capacity
Includes two 10in. chains. Capacity (lbs.): 1,250, Chain Length (in.): 10



Arcan Engine Load Leveler 2 Way, 1250-Lb. Capacity
Easy engine handling and positioning! Tilts forward and backward for easy bolt alignment! Includes two chains and two I-bolts. Capacity (lbs.): 1,250



Arcan Swivel Hoist 1000-Lb. Capacity
Stationary swivel hoists boom rotates 360. Lifts 500 lbs. when extended, 1000 lbs. closed. A 3-ton long hydraulic ram provides the power. 4-position lockpin set screw. Boom is 52in. l...



Northern Industrial Engine Lifting Sling 5000-Lb. Capacity
Capacity (lbs.): 5,000, Chain Length (in.): 36 Zinc-plated steel chain 4mm plate



Grip Engine Cradle 1000lb. Capacity
Works well for storing, transporting and working on in-progress engines. Rolls on four heavy duty casters. Low design for maximum stability when working on engines. Comes with bolt holes for mo...



Geared Engine Stand, Model# 31256
This heavy-duty geared engine stand has a 1250-lb. capacity. Capacity (lbs.): 1,250, Geared Mounting Head: Yes, 360 Rotating Head: Yes, Lockable Mounting Head: Yes, Dimensions L x W ...



Omega Adjustable Engine Transverse Bar with Arm Support, Model# 44700
The Omega adjustable engine transverse bar features a 700-lb. capacity. Capacity (lbs.): 700, Cable Diameter (in.): 1/8, Cable Length (in.): 38 Width expands from 38in. to a full 61in. Two 14...



Hein-Werner Engine Crane 3 Ton, Model# HW93806
The Hein-Werner 3-Ton engine crane features an air operated ram that provides easy load lifting and control. U.S.A. Capacity (lbs.): 6,000, Foldable: No, Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 62 x 35...


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