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Auto Repair Brake Repair  



FREE SHIPPING Ranger Combination Brake Lathe Package Model# RL 4500
Rugged lathe package offers fast, accurate and easy resurfacing of brake discs and drums. Includes lathe, bench, adapters and other accessories. Lathe is equipped with twin cutter tools and feature...



KD Tools Hand Pump Brake Bleeder Tank 4-Qt. Capacity, Model# 2901
Safe, portable tank fills and pressurizes standard and power brake systems. Operates from hand-pump pressure, eliminating the need for an air compressor. Only a few pumps are needed to build pr...



Storm Digital Brake Rotor Gauge Model# 3M430
Digital gauge from Storm lets you check rotors up to 5.5 inches thick in inches or millimeters. Enables user to easily check rotor thickness up to 5.5in.(140mm) Features one pointed anvil for ch...



Storm Digital Brake Drum Gauge Model# 3B530
Digital brake drum gauge from Storm lets user easily measure drums up to 20.65in. in diameter. Clear digital display. Works on brake drums up to 20.65in. (500mm) Two pointed anvils for checking ...



Mityvac Brake Bleeding Kit
Vacuum tester/brake bleeding kit gives you a clean, quick way to bleed the fluid lines in your vehicles brake system. May also be used on virtually all hydraulic systems! Trigger release for on...



Mityvac Automotive Testing and Brake Bleeding Kit
This professional model is constructed of metal and designed to be repairable. Includes plastic carrying case. 5 year limited warranty. U.S.A.



Mityvac Vacuum Brake Bleeder/Evacuator
Portable one-man brake bleeder and fluid evacuator uses your shops compressed air to create vacuum for bleeding brakes and hydraulic clutches. The 1.9-qt. reservoir removes easily for quick...



Actron Vacuum Pump Brake Bleed Kit, Model# CP7835
Check vacuum operated components on cars and trucks, including distributor advance mechanisms, heater and air conditioning baffles, PCV and EGR valves, headlight cover doors and transmission modula...



Omega Brake Drum Handler, Model# 46000
The Omega Brake Drum Handler is ideal for removing and installing truck brake drums. Ideal for removing and installing truck brake drums Works with 15in. and 16 1/2in. drums Includes detachable ...


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