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Auto Repair Air Conditioning  



FREE SHIPPING Finish Thompson Engine Coolant Exchanger 115 Volt
Easy to operate and lightweight, this exchanger can drain and fill engine coolant in most vehicles in 10 minutes or less. No hose cutting or splicing required. Conveniently stores up to 5 gallons o...



Robinair A/C System Identifier Model# 16900
Cool-Tech ID tests purity of A/C system before recovering. (Go) and (No Go) indicators clearly show if refrigerant is pure enough to be recovered or charged. Displays percent of air in the A...



Robinair A/C System Identifier Model# 16910
Cool-Tech ID Plus measures non-condensable gases (air) in the refrigerant and gives you the option of purging it directly from the tank or system. Displays the actual percentage of R-12...



Robinair CoolTech A/C System 6 CFM
This fully automatic A/C machine lets technician recover, vacuum, leak test and recharge a vehicles R-134a system in one easy process. It combines simple operation with superior accuracy.



Uniweld 2-Valve Aluminum Manifold with 6In. Hoses, Model# 91602
The Uniweld 2-valve aluminum manifold with 6in. hoses fits SAE J2196/R134A quick connect fittings. U.S.A. Fits SAE J2196/R134A quick connect fittings Includes optical sight glass, brass T&#4...



Uniweld Deluxe Valve Core Remover Tool and Adapter Kit, Model# 92832
The Uniweld deluxe valve core remover tool and adapter kit allows removal and replacement of valve cores without losing system refrigerant charge. U.S.A. Achieves unrestricted line flow; providi...



Uniweld AC System Flush Gun Kit, Model# 94180
The Uniweld AC system flush gun kit makes flushing contaminants and scale from AC system components fast and easy. Flushes contaminants and scale from AC system components Dry shop air pressuriz...


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